“Kelly was thorough in working to understand what the perfect home looked like to us; she even had us do a fun activity together, which allowed us to really articulate our ideal home. The process resulted in an extremely efficient house hunt.”


“My husband and I met Kelly at an open house. We both had a friend who was a realtor and were having trouble deciding who to use. One of the biggest sticking points for us is that neither knew West Seattle all that well, and that was where we wanted to buy. Kelly and I immediately clicked — and she knew West Seattle very well having grown up here. It was an easy decision to make her our realtor!

And thank goodness we did! It was because of Kelly that we found the home we did and acted fast to get it. She found it hours after it had hit the market. We went to see it that night. We fell in love with it. She encouraged us to have it pre-inspected the next day. After a great inspection, we made a very clean offer and were in contract by 9pm the second night it was on the market. It was because of her guidance that we didn’t get into a bidding war since the house didn’t even make it to the weekend of a broker’s open and back-to-back public open houses!

Kelly was patient, kind, informative and encouraging in this tough market. The exact traits you want in a realtor! We are so happy in our home and owe it all to her that we were able to find and buy it!”


“Kelly was an absolute joy to work with from the get-go. We met Kelly at an open house when we were thinking of purchasing a new home and immediately connected. When we met with her in her office, her joy radiated as she listened to our must-haves. This woman had her heart set on making our dreams a reality! We weren’t in a rush to sell our house and we knew we would need to be contingent buyers. Kelly was incredibly knowledgeable and extremely patient as we looked for the perfect house in the perfect location. She went to bat for us numerous times, and truly went above and beyond helping us sell our house while connecting us to all the right folks. Thank you so much for your tireless dedication while helping us find our dream home. We love being part of the Metropolist family.”


“We knew we wanted to buy a home and had a list of must haves but where the house was to be located was a giant question mark. We constantly changed our minds through the process but she was willing to show us houses anyplace we decided was the town or neighborhood of the day. When an offer was not accepted on what we thought was our dream house she talked to us with great compassion and reminded us over and over again that we would find our dream home and she was right. We are exactly where we need to be and are so incredibly happy.”


“Kelly Satterfield really went the extra mile when she sold our house. I was not sure if we wanted to sell or rent our house so she provided detailed paperwork so we would fully understand what should be expected if we chose to sell. She even introduced me to a colleague of hers who handled property management since I was not sure how to get information if we went that route. It made it so much easier for us to make a decision. She made sure we were well educated in our options. We ended up putting our house on the market and Kelly made sure it was staged so buyers would see the full potential of our home. In less than a week, we had an offer on the table, which we accepted!”


“When Tre and I started looking at houses we were mainly window shopping/doing market research. We already had a place, we didn’t NEED to move, but we knew that at some point we wanted more space. When we connected with Kelly we told her we did not need to be a priority since we were not in a rush and still in the early stages of our search, but that didn’t change or influence the amount of time, energy or the level of commitment Kelly put into our quest for a new home.

Kelly seamlessly maneuvered us through all the steps including getting our current property on the market and helping us close on that property in a timely manner. What we valued in Kelly, was her thoughtfulness about what was important to us as clients, her thoroughness of the process to keep things moving along smoothly while keeping us informed, and her determination to make sure we were happy with the outcome of both our purchase and sale. I have, and will continue to, recommend Kelly to those in the market for a new place to call home.”