Honesty, integrity, and highly honed negotiation skills

My job is to meet you where you are, wholeheartedly listening to where you want to go and helping you create the future you envision for yourself.

Because real estate is the biggest investment many of us will make in our lives, the journey of buying or selling should be a thoughtful, informed experience that aligns with your life vision and can bring you joy when all is said and done. That’s why I’m committed to being your advocate. When things get stressful (which they will!) I will be there with courage, kindness, information, and a clear set of next steps so that you can continue with full faith that things will work out just right.

I believe in crafting a memorable and joyful real estate experience by staying true to your vision, offering trustworthy and strategic guidance, and helping you make big decisions with confidence.

My Journey


I believe that clear vision, enthusiastic connection, and respect are all on the line when it comes to creating a real estate portfolio that matches your needs and supports your life. When you’re ready, I look forward to meeting you at Metropolist Real Estate to start off with my signature initial consult.

Real estate is not just about buying and selling homes. It’s about creating a vision for your life, watching it grow, and knowing you have the tools to move forward, upward, and anywhere you want to go.

Throughout my career, I’ve been honored to help my clients evolve and grow into the lives they’re building. From creating space to grow your family, finding an oasis from your busy career, or finding the perfect home to live your forever, life’s most exciting evolutions start with real estate.


“Kelly was thorough in working to understand what the perfect home looked like to us; she even had us do a fun activity together, which allowed us to really articulate our ideal home. The process resulted in an extremely efficient house hunt.”

~ Alex and Sarah Pache

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Quality, balanced life


I’ve been passionate about providing high-touch, high-caliber customer service since I landed my first job at Big Daddy’s Drive In in Auburn, WA. My commitment to creating authentic connection and awesome customer experiences developed through my bachelor’s education in hotel and restaurant administration, and it propelled me into a fantastic 10-year career representing well-known hotel chains and corporate clients in the hospitality industry.

But I wanted to create my own destiny. I wanted to create an empowered career where I could grow into the full scope of my potential — and help others create empowered lives for themselves, too. Blending a lifetime love of excellent customer service, a business background in identifying opportunities for building my clients’ equity and wealth, and a passion for helping savvy decision-makers level up, I’ve built a real estate career that’s all about serving the amazing people I represent with integrity and unstoppable enthusiasm.

There is nothing better than making the “great news!” call to my clients. Year after year, the power of that call only grows. I look forward to jumping up and down with each and every one of you as we celebrate the next step of your journey.

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